Is a perfect society a happy society?
Is a perfect society a happy society?

A "perfect society" is a society where each citizen is free to act according to their will. To be free, it is vital that peace be built and each citizen be able to contribute to the socio-economic development of their community. Nobody would oppose to the idea of a perfect society, as it promotes a sense of well-being to each individual. In other words, a society is perfect or ideal if freedom reigns or if people live in harmony, or where conflicts and sufferings are non-existent.

Prem Rawat is an ambassador of peace who created a foundation to bring changes in people's lives and build a peaceful, idealistic society. He imparts the culture of peace through his peace messages and his foundation. Our focus is to identify the link between perfection and happiness in a society. Read this article and find the answer to the intriguing question about a perfect, happy society.

What are the characteristics of a perfect society?

To start with, it is essential to identify the characteristics of a perfect society: 

  • In a perfect society, citizens live in harmony regardless of cultural diversity
  • Citizens of a perfect society have positive qualities
  • Justice, peace, equality rule over a perfect society
  • Solidarity and security are equally essential
  • components of a perfect society

Is a perfect society a happy society?

A perfect society is optimistic

When the society is perfect, citizens feel secure because justice and peace are prevalent in everyday life. As a result, happy society dwellers are peaceful and enthusiastic. This means, they have a great zeal and energy to approach their daily lives. Citizens of a perfect society are cheerful and positive about the possibility of a great future in their community life. Such optimism leads to great contentment in a perfect society.

A perfect society is welcoming

In a perfect society, citizens are welcoming and respectful. They value fraternity and relationship over anything; therefore, they do everything in the name of peace. Citizens of an ideal society are willing to welcome socio-cultural diversity. Beside this, they are open to cross-cultural exchanges. Thus, happiness emanates from a perfect society.

A perfect society is secure

Other components of a perfect society include adequate health care, food security and nutrition, citizen and youth care, social support, job opportunities, protective government unit, effective educational system and recreational programs. These are all key factors to a perfect society.

If all the basic needs of citizens are addressed, people will have food security and high life expectancy. Job opportunities in all sectors of industry allow citizens to contribute to the economic development of their society.

Thus, citizens' active contribution to socio-economic development programs will increase the GDP per capita. In addition, recreational activities are organized to give citizens opportunities to relax during the annual vacations. Obviously, it can be said that societal perfection ensures happiness.

A perfect society is equitable and fair

A perfect society is mainly characterized by freedom. Therefore, regardless of their race or ethnicity, religious convictions or beliefs, citizens in perfect society welcome diversity and are treated equally. A perfect society promotes equality, justice and peace, which in turn promote fairness, consideration, and support.

Most importantly, corruption is no longer an issue in perfect society. Therefore, it is understood that happiness is attained in a perfect society.

A perfect society is inclusive

Mutual help and solidarity characterize a perfect society. In other words, citizens in such a society are able to live in harmony with each other regardless of their socio-cultural differences. Inevitably, inhabitants of a perfect society value mutual help, solidarity and are therefore blissful.

To cultivate cohesion among universal citizens, such organizations as the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) initiate humanitarian programs and call for volunteers from all over the world to join their efforts to promoting global peace in order to induce perfection and happiness in society. You can also discover WOPG, an other Prem Rawat's foundation 

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